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The New Google Update and What it Means for Marketers

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The New Google Update and What it Means for Marketers

Is it any secret that the future of marketing has its roots deep in the digital and online soil? As a marketer or business entity, it shouldn’t be to you. In fact, as it stands, digital marketing is all the rage, whether that’s steeped in social media, SEO-oriented website content, video platforms or keyword-optimized blogs. Additionally, if you’re not making your content mobile-friendly – that is, enabling everything you create to be read and experienced via your target demographics’ phones, tablets and other handheld toys – there’s a good chance your competition is going to leave you in the proverbial dust.

But that’s an entirely different discussion and blog topic for another time.

Here, we’re going to take a look at Google’s latest foray into the advertising pool, being that it’s been some 18 years (an eternity in today’s move-in-a-second technology world) since the search engine giant debuted its first advertising product. As the goal was then, so it is today: To make life easier for individuals and businesses to connect online. The “product” we’re referring to is AdWords, a solution that millions of advertisers used to grow their businesses in a myriad of ways.

Fast-forward to 2018: A great deal has changed, and this applies to search engines and “intent;” indeed, intent is not only expressed when a query is entered into a search box on a search engine…it’s everywhere around us. While people still “express” intent when they search for something, they also do so when browsing content, watching videos on YouTube or Vimeo, searching on Maps or downloading an app. Advertising products have evolved in response to consumer behavior analysis, and while we understand that it’s not always easy to grasp the ins and outs these products, we do know it’s important for you to choose the right one for your particular business.

Meet Google Ads – The New AdWords

According to reps of the leading search engine organization, Ads is a new brand that’s “grounded in the strong heritage of AdWords” and which “reflects all the ways (the company) helps marketers tap into intent across screens, channels and formats.” Perhaps the most important thing marketers need to know is that AdWords is becoming Ads, a move that will represent the full range of capabilities the search engine offers today – on its own website and across the giant’s other partner sites, properties and apps. This is expected to assist marketers in connecting with the billions of individuals watching videos on YouTube, finding answers on Search, exploring new places on Maps, discovering apps on Play, browsing content across the web and much more.

What Does This Mean for Small Businesses and Online Marketing Efforts?

When it comes to small businesses – like the type you may be running – a new campaign type in Ads creates an easier-than-ever situation in which to get started with advertising online. It delivers the machine learning technology of Ads to these small businesses (and marketers alike) to help them achieve results without the “heavy lifting” so to speak; now, you can remain focused on operating your business or capitalizing on your marketing efforts.

According to the search engine company, a livestream of Marketing Live will launch on July 10 to explain the ins and outs of these “new campaign types.”

Beyond the Basics: What Ads Can Offer You

With the introduction of Ads, marketers and small businesses can now use these Smart campaigns, the search engine’s new default ads experience, to formulate ads in a matter of minutes and drive results that are real – such as causing your phone to ring, attracting customers to your store (or your client’s business, if you’re a marketer) and sending leads to your website. We here at Mpulse Communications can tell you with confidence that for 90-percent of small business owners, online advertising’s primary goal remains getting prospects to call, visit a brick-and-mortar location or purchasing goods; when you begin taking advantage of Smart campaigns via Ads, you’ll be asked how the platform is helping you achieve your goals so your ads could be fine-tuned to garner the results you really care about.

Here are some recent examples we’ve had the privilege of witnessing: The owner of a yoga instruction business in Alexandria, Virginia started using Ads to experience more clients registering for her cirriculum, and Smartcampaigns helped her achieve more responses to her ads via calls, promote special offers and keep her classes teeming with students. “Our phone is ringing off the hook,” she said to one of our representatives, “and we’ve doubled the number of introductory offers we’re selling in a period of 60 days.”

Why Reaching the Right People in the Right Moment is So Important

Ads exposes your advertising efforts to customers who are interested in what your company offers and who have a tendency to contact, visit your location or make a purchase via your website. Our analysis of the search engine giant’s latest change has found that Smart campaigns are three times more effective when it comes to getting a message in front of the right audience.

Need an example of why reaching the right people in the right moment is so important? A Culinary Director of a BBQ supply company outside of Chicago told us that Ads is bringing new customers to the restaurant in addition to events and classes he hosts – in fact, customers routinely tell him how they came upon his company name while they were searching for “local wood-smoked barbecue” or “pit-to-plate dining events.”

“You can’t buy this street cred,” he told us, “but you can build it through Ads.”

This is Just the Beginning

No matter what it is that keeps you going day in and day out – whether it’s leading yoga classes, perfecting your barbecue skills or running a recognized marketing agency – you can count on Ads to help you do more.

Contact an Mpulse Communications rep today to obtain additional information about this powerful digital marketing tool.

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