Give Your Business A Brand Refresh this Summer

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The summer season is a great time for businesses to give their brand a refresh. For many industries, business slows down during this time, which allows for more time to dedicate to brand and business development.

Now, you may be asking yourself a few questions. Where do you start? Is this going to bust your budget? What are the most important things that need to be done to give your business a brand refresh? To start out, here are three simple things you can do:

Update Your Logo

Logo updates are the first place that many businesses will look to when they are ready to refresh their brand.

If you’ve been in business for a number of years, particularly over ten, then updating your logo is definitely something you’ll want to do. Don’t be afraid to explore variations of your logo, but be sure to stick with the colors you’ve had so that people know it’s still your company, just with an updated look.

Take your cue from national brands on the types of updates that work well for a logo. For example, Starbucks faced some questions from marketing professionals when they updated their logo and removed the text that many consumers knew so well. Their new logo conveyed that they were more than just coffee, but the question became, do I only go to Starbucks to get coffee?

Now, we can obviously see that this particular rebranding has worked quite well for the company, but this is something that you want to consider as you update your logo for your business. Make sure the update makes sense in the eyes of the consumers that you spent so much time curating and marketing to.

Refocus Your Messaging

Your content should be the strongest thing that connects your ideal customer or client to you. Looking through your content and brand voice and seeing where you can improve on connecting to your audience is another great way to refresh your brand this summer.

When your content speaks directly to your customer, it helps to build rapport and increases the trust factor significantly faster than it would if you pumped out generic blog posts or ads. You always want to speak the language that your ideal clients understand and use on a daily basis.

Take this time to rework your unique value proposition and to also reevaluate your ideal client avatar (or persona profile). This is especially useful for your niche markets or if your industry has shifted to a new position where you feel you’ll be more beneficial to your potential customers.

Ensuring that your messaging and content is on brand — and connecting with your tribe — will be vital to the future success of your business.

Conduct a Photo or Video Shoot

Having fresh photos of you, your team, your products, and workspace, or visual spaces that convey what your business does and who they serve is an excellent way to give your business a brand refresh.

Although stock photos are deemed effective to use in marketing campaigns, having photos that are specific and unique to your business — and feature familiar faces within your company — will help potential customers more easily connect to your business to help them with their needs through your services or products.

There are many ways that you can do a quick and easy photoshoot or video shoot that looks professional without having to break the bank. You can do a self photoshoot in your office or at home by using your cell phone and apps like Open Camera that allow you to quickly and easily edit the photos that you take. If you would prefer to leave the editing up to a professional, there are many websites where you can find and hire freelancers. You’ll want to make sure that they are highly rated and have excellent reviews.

You can also find a local, professional photographer or videographer who can do a short session for you at a reasonable price. If you decide to go that route, be sure to prepare yourself for the upcoming photo or video shoot at least three weeks in advance.

There are numerous guides online on how to prepare, but one of the main things that you need to remember is to provide samples or discuss with your photographer/videographer samples of the types of poses that you want and the backgrounds that you would like to have. This way, they can prepare for your photoshoot and ensure that they have a backdrop or location scouted that is what you’re looking for.

Let Mpulse Help

These are just some of the ways that you can refresh your brand this summer without having to bust your budget or feel like you need to take out a new loan for your business just to give it a slight overhaul. Try all three of these things together or a couple of them and see how your clientele responds to these changes. You’ll be glad you did.

Still, feel like you want a little bit of guidance through your brand refresh? At Mpulse Communications, our team has administered and delivered dozens of brand audits/refreshes for businesses on the local and national level in a variety of different industries. We strive to assist our clients in crafting the optimal messaging to best reach their target audience.

Fill out a form on our site ( and see what we can do for your business!

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