The Future Of Facebook Advertising

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Facebook is a social media platform that provides enormous advertising potential. It’s the biggest of all social networks with over 2 billion monthly active users and many more with inactive profiles. For companies looking to expand their reach and advertise to a large user-base where their customers and prospects are frequently located, social networks like Facebook are the ideal target. However, as a digital marketing channel, the future of Facebook advertising is claimed to be uncertain by many. With privacy laws and movements like #deletefacebook underway, many say Facebook is undergoing a phasing out period but it’s still a growing platform and cost-effective medium used by Mpulse Communications and millions of other businesses as well.

The #deletefacebook movement and privacy rights

Many people feel that Facebook infringes upon their privacy rights, as well as their ability to stay focused on the right things in life. Social networks inevitably eat away at your time and provide a false sense of social life. Many argue that social media is empty, unfulfilling, and leading people to worry about things that ultimately don’t matter in life – such as the number of likes or shares on their posts. The Cambridge Analytica scandal and intrusion of personal privacy rights during the Donald Trump presidential campaign is what prompted the #deletefacebook movement though. Facebook can and actively has attempted to control one aspect of that getting any worse, cracking down on privacy rights.

In an attempt to control the #deletefacebook movement and prevent new scandals, Facebook is now reassuring people that they have provided enhanced privacy tools that are easy to find on the Facebook platform. These simple changes “have been in the works for some time,” said Facebook’s chief privacy officer Erin Egan. However, it was the recent events that “underscored their importance.”

The new privacy settings will enact privacy shortcuts and introduce a new section labeled “Access Your Information.” This area will provide an improved way to store downloaded data that you have shared on the platform, thus enabling you to remove that data using another service. Opponents of the changes say that Facebook should have taken this a step further to actually allow users to delete that data without using a third-party.

Ultimately, Facebook holds the most market share among all social networks and as a digital marketing platform, its future is strong. Facebook will undoubtedly take further action to correct any areas where their users believe they are being manipulated. The cult following and user base of Facebook suggests that it would be extremely hard for another social media network to impact the success and long-term standings of Facebook.

Remarketing is the future of Facebook advertising.

Remarketing is a phrase that you probably have already heard from top digital marketers and agencies. That’s because it’s an incredibly effective way to reach consumers. Remarketing taps into the potential of browser cookies, a feature built into common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the new Microsoft Edge. Through these cookies, remarketing allows you to retarget viewers of your website on other advertising platforms like Facebook. This gives you a way to tap into lost leads that didn’t subscribe to your email list or purchase your products or services. Since they are already aware of your brand, there is enormous potential to continue targeting those users on social network platforms like Facebook.

To get the most out of remarketing, create blog content and promote your content using other social networks and tactics.

Live Video – Facebook Live

Facebook Live has grown significantly, and consumers love live video because it’s authentic. Why live video can be trusted is because it’s often unrehearsed, unedited, and completely genuine. Facebook Live is a platform that you can use to reach your audience and convey your message. Use live videos to create awareness and drive traffic to some of your prerecorded videos and other content.

Sponsored Messages

Facebook recently announced that it plans to implement a new Messenger home screen to allow sponsored messages from brands and businesses. If you’re hoping to generate leads from social networks, Messenger could let you send brand offers to a targeted and specific audience.

More Apps to Target

Facebook is also stated from Jordan Banks their manager and director of Facebook Canada, that Facebook plans to create a multitude of apps. This would drive the social network away from operating under a single app that attempts to do everything. Instead, the social network would utilize a series of apps, just as they have done with Facebook Messenger. Other features of Facebook that they may want to create an app for include Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, etc.

Algorithm Advancements

Expect Facebook to continue updating their algorithm. This allows them to improve the way that they display your posts to your audience. It can impact the number of viewers that will see blog posts that you share on the social network and your total reach. It also means Facebook is getting more competitive and your reach could decline. It’s a big deal, and it means that your business should place emphasis on providing quality content. The better the content you are sharing, the more likely you will overcome any algorithm changes.


Facebook is an excellent platform for advertising, and it is expected to remain that way. There are no foreseeable changes that could impact Facebook’s dominance among social networks. The future of Facebook looks promising, and here at Mpulse Communications, we’ll keep you updated on any Facebook changes as they evolve.

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